Life of A Rose Poly Nail Gel Extension Kit

$49.99 $37.49
✔️ Top & Base Coat Included
✔️ Brush Included
✔️ Dual Forms Included

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This kit includes:
4 Nail Extension Gel Colors
1 Base Coat and 1 Top Coat
72 Dual Forms with 12 Sizes in 2 Shapes
1 Dual-ended Nail Extension Gel Spatula and Brush

1 Nail File

Life of a Rose Nail Extension Gel Kit is a beautiful set from our Flowering Collection. Per its namesake, all the colors are inspired by the amazing hues that occur in the life cycle of the romantic flower. Perfect for a romantic date or when you dress to impress; these colors compliment every outfit and occasion.

Makartt takes pride in our long lasting and durable Nail Extension Gel technology, our commitment to research and development has yielded high quality products and leads the nail art industry. We DO NOT conduct ANIMAL TESTING for our product development process.

Note: This product does need a nail art curing lamp and slip solution which is not included in this kit. Both 70% isopropyl alcohol solution and base coat can be used as an alternative to slip solution to prevent stickiness when applying the poly gel.

      Life of A Rose Poly Nail Gel Extension Kit
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