How to Create your Own Press Ons


Since the beginning of COVID-19, our management team had issued a work from home notice and it's freed up more time for me to create my own press ons. Instead of doing my hair and makeup, I'm spending more time doing my nails so I figured I'd share my own DIY press on tutorial. This is a super fun and easy way of getting perfect nails and you only need a few things:

Step 1: Choose your nail tip

I used Makartt's new stiletto Nail Pump Ups. There's 500 pieces in each pack so plenty to use!

Step 2: Use blue tac or putty and set on top of nail stand

Instead of doing my nails directly on my natural nails or gluing the nail tips onto my nails first, I opted to use blue tac and put them on a nail stand. This allows me to get a perfect paint job on the nail tips so that I'm not getting it on my fingers and cuticles AND best of all, I don't experience a mess when doing my right hand. 

Step 3: Apply base coat, color and top coat

I used Awsmcolor by Makartt's base coat and top coat set to apply base coat and cure under my Mini Curator lamp for 15 seconds. Then, I added 2 colors of my gel polish coat (curing between each layer) and finished off with my top coat (and cured). I generally cure each coat for about 15 seconds and the last top coat, I cure for about 30 seconds to make sure that it's fully cured before touching the nails.

Step 4: Glue them to my nails!

I absolutely love this method of doing my nails because it allows me to get that perfect paint finish and it's super fast since I can cure all 5 nails at once. I used the glues that come in the nail tips to glue them to my natural nails, holding them down for about 5 seconds each.



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